The New Beyond



The new hyperbike designed for the most demanding and ambitious racers, the Oltre represents a real revolution in the way of conceiving aerodynamics. The Oltre platform led by the Oltre RC hyperbike is complemented by the Oltre Pro and Oltre models


Obsessive search for perfection

Every detail of the Oltre has been calculated, analyzed and optimized to maximize pedaling efficiency. We worked on every section of the frame to extract the maximum performance potential from the new Oltre.

the data in relation to our OLTRE xr4 tell (almost) everything

the numbers of your performance

-17.1 Watts

at 50 km per hour

-45 seconds

over a distance of 40 km

-5.1 %

aerodynamic drag coefficient in side wind situations

6.85 kg

weight in size 55 [data subject to variation +/- 5%]

+30 %

Aerodynamic gain compared to the best aero bikes on the market when the angle of incidence of the wind changes direction

Vortex control

New Aereo handlebar. The revolution of the new Oltre starts from the design of the fully integrated handlebar. The central hole and aerodynamic profiles placed in the upper part of the fold channel the flow to improve the efficiency of the frontal impact area with the air.

Less aerodynamic resistance

The Air deflector is a world exclusive for Bianchi
(patent panding) integrated into the sides of the head tube divert the flow
of air and creates a low pressure zone to ensure greater
speed with less effort.

designed for professionals

beyond rc

Oltre RC is the new top of the range racing airplane collection
Bianchi, designed for the most extreme athletes looking for the ultimate
Oltre RC introduces the concept of hyperbike: created for
competitions and World Tour professionals, Oltre RC dominates the
air flows, reducing aerodynamic resistance and increasing the
speed of the entire bike-athlete system. a hyperbike also in weight:
Over RC in size 55 stops the scales at 6,850 kg (+/- 5%)

the choice of experts

beyond pro

Oltre Pro shares the same construction principles as the top-of-the-range RC model, using Air Deflector technology and the new aero handlebar. The frame integrates the Bianchi CV vibration cancellation system into the carbon fiber, increasing riding comfort for a less extreme cyclist.

speed for each cyclist


Oltre represents the gateway to Bianchi's newly created aero collection. Derived from the superior RC and Pro versions, the Oltre model is designed for a broader type of cyclist but always looking for the thrill of speed. The Oltre full carbon frame and fork guarantee high performance in terms of rigidity and reactivity. The Oltre model is equipped with the new Velomann components: handlebar and aero stem, V50R wheels and Mitora saddle.

to start getting serious

beyond RACE

Our collection designed for aerodynamics and competitions is enriched with the introduction of Oltre Race. A new bicycle model created for racing, designed to guarantee a fast and pleasant riding experience for those who are entering this world.