Power and Style in Perfect Harmony

Nytro: The Evolution of the Electric Road and Gravel Bike

Pinarello's Nytro marks a turning point in the world of road and gravel e-bikes. With its iconic design and lightness that distinguishes it as one of the lightest e-bikes on the market, it offers a dynamic and stimulating riding experience, ideal for those looking for a mix of cycling tradition and technological innovation.

A Unique Design for Superior Performance

Innovation and Control: Asymmetric Frame and Wave Fork

The Nytro's asymmetric frame, a Pinarello signature, is designed to balance pedaling forces, offering a stable and responsive ride. The Onda fork, with its ability to reduce longitudinal and lateral shocks, ensures precise handling and optimal riding comfort.

A Revolutionary Electric Motor for Every Challenge

TQ-HPR50: Unmatched Silence and Power

The Nytro is equipped with the TQ-HPR50 drive unit, known for its efficiency and silence. This motor, the result of TQ's experience in developing advanced technologies, offers smooth and natural assistance, amplifying the power of each pedal stroke without compromising the cycling experience.

A Frame Built to Excel

T900 UD carbon: Lightness and strength

The Nytro is made with Toray T900 UD carbon fiber, a material that guarantees a perfect balance between lightness, resistance and vibration absorption capacity. This makes the bike ideal for competitions and long rides, offering high level performance and comfort.

An E-Bike for Every Adventure

Versatility Without Compromise

The Nytro is designed to fit a variety of styles
guide and routes. Whether long climbs, fast descents or
city ​​routes, this e-bike offers a unique combination of
speed, agility and comfort, making it the ideal choice for cyclists
who want to explore new limits without sacrificing performance.