An Aerodynamic and Performance Racing Experience

Discover speed with the Bianchi Aria

The Bianchi Aria is not only a style icon in the world of cycling, but also a symbol of innovation and performance. With its full carbon frame and fork, it is the Bianchi racing bike that offers extraordinary lightness and resistance, while ensuring a stable and responsive ride. Smooth transmission and precise braking allow you to push your limits on every ride. Explore new horizons and reach new speeds with the Bianchi Aria, the entry level aero road bike.

It combines Italian Elegance with a Technologically Advanced Construction

Technology and Tradition Meet in Bianchi Aria

The Bianchi Aria Disc Celeste is the aero road bike that represents the pinnacle of racing bicycle technology, keeping alive the historic Italian elegance that has made the Bianchi brand famous. The lightweight and durable carbon frame, combined with high-quality components and disc brakes, offers an unbeatable combination of style and substance. Every detail has been chosen to give you an unparalleled riding experience, taking you to new heights and pushes you to overcome every challenge on the road.