Redefining Gravel Racing with Advanced Technology

Bianchi Impulso RC: Speed ​​and Innovation in Gravel

The Bianchi Impulso RC marks a turning point in the world of gravel bikes, designed specifically to meet the needs of competitive gravel racers. This bike combines aerodynamic performance, low weight and off-road capability, creating a gravel bike optimized for victory. With its engineering focused on speed and technique, the Impulso RC is built to make you faster, combining lessons learned from Bianchi's aerodynamic and all-round racing bikes.

A Systematic Approach to Speed

Refined Aerodynamics for Superior Performance

The Impulso RC incorporates advanced aerodynamic elements, such as an integrated fork and a set of aero-specific wheels, making it one of the most aerodynamic gravel bikes in its category. The D-profile seatpost offers comfort and performance on mixed terrain. The frame design, inspired by Bianchi's aerodynamic road bikes, maintains a clean and essential line, avoiding extra mountings that could add weight or resistance.

A Safe and Stable Ride on all Terrains

Progressive Geometry for Control and Stability

The Bianchi Impulso RC uses progressive geometry, inspired by the safe and stable performance of elite racing and off-road bikes. With a shorter wheelbase than the Specialissima RC and a longer reach, it offers confident performance on rough sections. The choice of a 70mm bottom bracket drop ensures maximum control and a more aggressive riding experience.

Adaptability and Performance in Variable Conditions

Versatility for Every Gravel Challenge

The Impulso RC is designed to suit a wide range of gravel conditions, with the ability to fit tires up to 42mm. This versatility allows cyclists to tackle different terrains and weather conditions, ensuring optimal performance on both dry and muddy terrain. Its configuration also allows the use of smaller tires for better mud dispersion.

Innovation in Design for Superior Driving

Racing Department Integrated Cockpit for Control and Performance

Bianchi's Impulso RC elevates the gravel riding experience with its integrated Reparto Corse cockpit, designed to maximize control and performance. This advanced cockpit system not only improves aerodynamics, but also offers competitive stiffness, essential for a racing feel and advanced control. The 16° flare handlebar provides extra control on technical descents, while its extremely low weight, typical of carbon fiber components, contributes to the overall lightness of the bike. This combination of innovative design and advanced features makes the Impulso RC an ideal choice for gravel cyclists looking for high-level performance and impeccable technical riding.