Specialized: Innovation and Passion on Two Wheels

Explore the Specialized universe with Cicli Drigani

Specialized is not just a brand, it is an icon of innovation, quality and passion for cycling. Founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard in Morgan Hill, California, Specialized revolutionized the world of bicycles, introducing innovative designs and cutting-edge technologies. Cicli Drigani is proud to be an official Specialized dealer since the 1980s, bringing its customers bicycles that embody the perfect fusion of performance, innovation and style.

History and Evolution

From the iconic Stumpjumper, the first mass-produced mountain bike, to modern aero road bikes and full-suspension MTBs, Specialized has always led the industry with products that define the best in the industry. Every Specialized bicycle is the result of relentless innovation and a tireless commitment to quality and performance, evidenced by victories in Olympic races and the most prestigious international tours.

Technology and Innovation

Specialized is synonymous with technology and innovation

With its commitment to research and development, it introduced revolutionary concepts such as Body Geometry Fit technology, to ensure maximum comfort and maximum efficiency, and the Brain suspension system, which transformed MTB performance. Cicli Drigani offers access to these advanced technologies, ensuring that every cyclist can find the perfect bike for their needs.

Commitment to Sustainability

Specialized is not only focused on performance, but also on sustainability and environmental impact. The company is committed to reducing its ecological footprint through responsible innovations and sustainable business practices, reflecting the importance of a greener future for the planet and for cycling.

Why Choose Specialized with Cicli Drigani

Choosing Specialized through Cicli Drigani means opting for an unparalleled experience, supported by our team of passionate experts and deep connoisseurs of the brand. Whether you are a professional athlete, a MTB enthusiast, or simply looking for a bike for your next adventure, you will find in Cicli Drigani and Specialized a winning combination of excellence, passion and innovation.

  • Specialized Epic 8 and Epic 8 EVO

    The new Specialized Epic 8 and Epic 8 EVO represent the future of cross country and trail riding. With a design that challenges the limits of technology, these bikes combine extraordinary speed with unprecedented capacity and efficiency. The Epic 8, with its lightness and optimized geometry, is ready to dominate XC races, while the Epic 8 EVO, with greater travel and adaptability, promises epic adventures on the most demanding trails.


    No bike is as fast as the Tarmac SL8 thanks to a combination of aerodynamics, light weight and ride quality previously thought impossible.

    The Tarmac SL8 is the perfect equation for speed: superior aerodynamics, surpassing even the Venge, unprecedented lightness with a frame of just 685g (15% lighter than the SL7, saving 110g on the frame alone), and superior ride quality with riding comfort increased by 6%. This combination results in a saving of 16.6 seconds over 40km compared to the SL7, making it the fastest racing bike in the world.