Where innovation and tradition meet

Pinarello Dogma F: Excellence in Movement

The Pinarello Dogma F represents the pinnacle of cycling engineering, combining years of experience and innovation. This aero racing bike is designed for racers, offering exceptional performance in all racing conditions. With its extraordinary combination of speed, agility and power, the Dogma F is ready to dominate any road.

A symbol of innovation and efficiency

Wave Fork:
Aerodynamic Revolution

The Dogma F Onda fork is a masterpiece of design and functionality. Innovative since 2000, this fork not only improves aerodynamics, but also offers unprecedented stability and steering precision. Its unique shape reduces longitudinal and lateral shocks, ensuring smooth and responsive pedaling in every situation.

Every detail designed for speed

Advanced Aerodynamics for Superior Performance

The Dogma F was designed with an obsessive focus on aerodynamics. With its FlatBack profile and significant improvements over previous models, it offers a reduction in wind resistance and an increase in aerodynamic efficiency. This translates into a saving of watts and precious seconds, which are fundamental in the race.

Cutting-edge technology for every ride

Innovation that Guarantees Safety

The Dogma F is not only fast, but also safe. With its system
Internal TiCR cable routing, the bike offers protection
optimal cable routing and further improves aerodynamics. Furthermore, the
choice between disc or rim brakes allows every cyclist to find
the perfect configuration for your riding style.

A bike created around you

Customization and Tailored Comfort

With 352 possible combinations of frame, handlebar and seatpost sizes, the Dogma F offers unparalleled customization. This allows each cyclist to find the perfect position, ensuring optimal comfort and performance. The Dogma F isn't just a bike, it's an extension of the rider himself.