Union of Comfort and Performance for Long Distances

Pinarello X: The Endurance Bike par excellence

The Pinarello X was designed with cyclists in mind who value fun and the long-distance cycling experience. This endurance bike combines exceptional comfort and high performance, making it ideal for those looking for an enjoyable riding experience without compromising speed and efficiency. With its versatility and advanced features, the Pinarello X is perfect for tackling any challenge, from long road rides to mixed routes.

Advanced Technology to Reduce Vibrations

X-Stays: Innovation in the Rear Frame for Maximum Comfort

The Pinarello X introduces the revolutionary X-Stays geometry in the rear triangle, designed to optimize force dispersion and reduce the transfer of vibrations to the cyclist. This unique feature allows the X Series frames to offer a more comfortable ride, especially on uneven terrain, improving the overall riding experience and reducing fatigue over long distances.

Adaptability for Every Terrain

Versatility and Control with Tires up to 35mm

The Pinarello X is designed to accommodate up to 35mm tires, giving riders the freedom to explore a variety of terrain with confidence and comfort. This ability to fit wider tires unlocks the frame's true potential in terms of comfort and speed, allowing cyclists to tackle both asphalt and dirt roads with ease, always ensuring a smooth and controlled ride.

A Unique Frame for Optimized Performance

Asymmetry in DNA: Balance and Symmetry in Pedaling

Asymmetry is a fundamental element in Pinarello's design philosophy, and the Pinarello X is no exception. This innovative approach to the frame balances the torsional force exerted by the chain, optimizing pedaling and ensuring a symmetrical and efficient ride. This distinctive feature not only improves the responsiveness and stability of the bike, but also ensures more effective power transmission, making every pedal stroke smoother and more powerful.

An Optimized Riding Position for Endurance

Endurance+ Geometry: Comfort and Performance for Every Cyclist

The Pinarello X boasts an Endurance+ geometry that promotes a relaxed riding position, ideal for long distances. With a taller stack and more compact reach, this geometry allows riders of all types to fit the bike perfectly without resorting to excessive spacers or oversized frames. This configuration ensures superior comfort and a more controlled ride, making the Pinarello X an excellent choice for cyclists looking to explore new horizons with ease and style.


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