A pedigree of victories and performances

Pinarello F: Born to Compete

The Pinarello F embodies a legacy of success and innovation. With a
design that combines lightness, aerodynamics and competition geometry, this bike was created for cyclists who aim for victory. Every detail of the Pinarello F has been meticulously developed to ensure exceptional performance in all racing conditions.

An icon of design and functionality

Wave Fork: Precision and Stability

The Pinarello F Onda fork is a triumph of engineering, offering precise and stable handling. This distinctive technology, present since 2000, improves aerodynamics and reduces shock, ensuring a smooth and responsive pedaling, both uphill and downhill.

70 years of experience condensed

Geometry Optimized for Victory

The Pinarello F benefits from racing geometry perfected through decades of experience. With 30 grand tours won on Pinarello bikes, the F offers a balanced and responsive ride, ideal for cyclists looking for maximum performance in every racing situation.

Every detail counts

Lightness and Tailored Customization

The Pinarello F is a masterpiece of lightness and balance. With extensive customization options, every rider can find the perfect fit, optimizing comfort and performance. The F is designed to be lightweight without compromising strength, ensuring a dynamic and fast ride.

Advanced technology for every ride

Innovation at the Service of Security

The Pinarello F integrates the latest innovations to guarantee not only superior performance, but also unparalleled safety. From the asymmetric frame that balances pedaling forces, to the integrated saddle locking system for better aerodynamics, every aspect of the F has been designed to offer a safe and high-performance ride.