Performance and versatility in a single gravel bike

Grevil F: The New Frontier of Gravel with Pinarello

The Grevil F by Pinarello represents a real revolution in the world of gravel. With its distinctive design and versatility, this bike was designed for riders looking to push the traditional limits of gravel. The Grevil F combines the speed and agility of a racing bike with the strength and flexibility needed to tackle the most challenging terrain, making it perfect for off-road adventures and gravel competitions.

A Design That Combines Speed ​​and Functionality

Aerodynamic Innovation in Gravel

The Grevil F brings aerodynamics to the world of gravel. With innovative solutions such as the Fork Flap and the Flat Back profile, derived from the Dogma series, this bike reduces aerodynamic resistance, improving racing performance. The design of the Grevil F is not only functional but also aesthetically appealing, with lines that reflect Pinarello's unique identity and its dedication to innovation.

Balance and Resistance for Every Adventure

Asymmetric Frame and T700 Carbon: The Winning Combination

The Grevil F's asymmetric frame, a Pinarello signature, is designed to balance pedaling forces, offering a stable and responsive ride. Made of Toray T700 carbon, the Grevil F combines lightness and strength, ensuring exceptional performance on both road and dirt. This mix of advanced materials and innovative design makes the Grevil F one of the best performing gravel bikes on the market.

A Gravel Bike Ready for Anything

Adaptability for Every Path

The Grevil F stands out for its incredible versatility. Capable of mounting different types of wheels and tires, this bike easily adapts to various riding styles and terrain conditions. Whether it's gravel races, long excursions or mixed routes, the Grevil F is ready to meet all the needs of the modern cyclist, offering a comfortable, reactive ride that is always up to the task.

When Innovation Meets Passion for Gravel

Advanced Technology for Superior Performance

The Grevil F is the result of Pinarello's constant commitment to technological innovation. Equipped with features such as full cable integration (TICR) for improved aerodynamics and easier bag loading, this bike has been designed to offer high-level performance in every situation. With the Grevil F, Pinarello once again demonstrates turns its ability to combine advanced technology and passion for cycling, creating a bike that is as powerful as it is elegant.