The XC bike that redefines the limits

The evolution of speed: Specialized Epic

Specialized's Epic represents the pinnacle of research and innovation in the world of cross country bikes. Each component has been studied and optimized to guarantee an unparalleled combination of efficiency, lightness and control. A bike born to dominate, to overcome every challenge and to always take you one step ahead.

Revolutionary technology for uncompromising performance

The Brain: The beating heart of the Epic

The Epic's Brain system is what sets it apart from the crowd, making it the most efficient. This advanced technology, perfected over two decades, guarantees immediate and precise response on all types of terrain. The new Brain is more efficient, high-performance and robust, offering a smooth and reactive ride, ready to respond to your every need.

Speed ​​and agility in every situation

Epic EVO: The queen of singletrack

The Epic EVO represents the perfect fusion of speed and versatility. The Epic version with 120 mm of travel at the front, 110 mm at the rear, and standard telescopic seat post. Ideal for those who love to clock up miles on singletrack, it offers tuned suspension, greater travel and trail geometry, always guaranteeing maximum performance. With the Epic EVO, every route becomes a unique experience.

More than a bike, a unique riding experience

Choose Excellence, Choose Epic

The Epic is not just a bike, but an experience. Every pedal stroke becomes a moment of pure pleasure, every descent an emotion, every climb an achievement. With its combination of lightness, power and control, the Epic allows you to push yourself further, reach new goals and experience the adrenaline rush of speed in every situation. Don't settle: choose excellence, choose Epic.