Efficiency, control and lightness

Epic WC

PENSA PIU’ VELOCE: L’Epic World Cup è la bici per l’agonismo XC più veloce su percorsi scorrevoli, grazie ad una combinazione ineguagliabile di efficienza, controllo e leggerezza. Il campione Christopher lo esprime così: “Questa bici mi dà tutto quello che potessi desiderare da una hardtail, con l’aggiunta del controllo e delle capacità di una full.” Per creare questa macchina da gara abbiamo adottato un approccio di sviluppo totalmente integrato, inventandoci un ammortizzatore del tutto nuovo, grazie anche a quattro decadi di vittorie sul palcoscenico delle gare off-road.

For competitions at the highest level

Roval Control SL products have been made for XC agonists, and the numerous podiums in the World Cup, in the World Championships and during the Cape Epic confirm their success.

Rigidity and precision

XC trails become more technical and precise control is the hallmark of Control SL products. Unparalleled stiffness and lightness give athletes the opportunity to impose themselves on the most demanding competition fields.

World Cup position

Backed by our race-proven engineering, we've dialed in the perfect riding position by giving you 8 degrees of rear lean, 0-degree rise and 12-degree negative lean. Choice of 4 stem lengths between 60 and 90mm.



    To achieve maximum speed through perfect efficiency in power transfer, and ultra-precise steering, our engineering team has set the new standard in terms of torsional and bottom bracket stiffness. The double diamond layout is the most sophisticated in Specialized 's history, and supports the stiffness goal by integrating the shock absorber as a structural element.


    The Specialized Ride Dynamics Team developed groundbreaking technology for the Epic World Cup to give it the efficiency and responsiveness of a hardtail, plus the control and capability of a full house. The RockShox SID Deluxe WCID ( World Cup Integrated Design ) shock with independently adjustable positive and negative air springs gives the Epic WC the coveted snap of a hardtail, combined with a light weight that devours the terrain and provides the possibility to adjust the set up according to a specific route or personal preferences.


    The Epic World Cup 's 75mm of travel performs
    as if they were so much more. When the bicycle is ridden in
    firm mode, offers the same positive travel as a bike with
    100mm travel set at 25% sag. The optimization of
    air volumes and damping characteristics, allows the Epic WC to handle bumps like a bike with more generous travel. The dedicated MegaJounce pad provides robust end-of-stroke support to handle the heaviest impacts.

Maximum Efficiency

A featherweight frame, unrivaled bottom bracket stiffness and revolutionary damper technology lead to incredible efficiency. Positive and negative air springs are independently adjustable. Thanks to this feature, the Epic WC presents the sought-after "snap" of the hardtails, and provides the possibility to adapt the set up to a specific course.

Control and precision

Compared to a hardtail or lower-level suspension bike, the Epic WC keeps the tires on the ground longer, which translates directly into more control. More control means more speed. Torsional stiffness for the entire system - from the handlebars to the frame to the wheels. The perfect recipe for agility and driving precision.

Surprising lightness

With a frame weight of just 1,765 grams (painted, with shock and all components), the Epic World Cup outperforms the lightest bikes on the market. This translates into ease, faster acceleration, and less energy expenditure on hills. All of this translates into speed.