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The New Roubaix SL8

The new Roubaix SL8 from Specialized was created to offer unprecedented performance. With its Future Shock 3.0 technology, this road bike is lighter, faster and more comfortable than any other, ensuring unrivaled confidence and efficiency on the roughest roads.

Smoother, Faster, Safer

Future Shock 3.0

Future Shock, debuted in 2016, has proven its effectiveness by winning Paris-Roubaix in 2018 and 2019. Now, with Future Shock 3.0 on the Roubaix SL8, every rider can enjoy 20mm of smooth, friction-free travel, ensuring a smoother ride. comfortable with more control to be faster, safer and more confident.

Tunability and Adjustability

With the Roubaix SL8, you can easily adjust the Future Shock 3.0 to suit your riding style and terrain. Whether you're in an aggressive or relaxed position, you can configure your bike to best absorb vibrations and ensure a comfortable and efficient ride.

Ready for any challenge

Durability and Reliability

The Roubaix SL8 was born for the streets and challenging climate of Northern Europe. With a robust and resistant design, it is ready to face any condition, ensuring constant and reliable performance in every situation.

AfterShock technology for a balanced driving experience


AfterShock technology ensures that the rear of the bike works in symbiosis with the Future Shock 3.0, ensuring a balanced and comfortable ride, while maintaining the stiffness necessary for direct and efficient power transfer.

Turbocharge your rides

The lightest and most aerodynamic Roubaix ever

The new Roubaix SL8 is the most aerodynamic in its category, saving 4 watts of drag. Weighing just 7.3kg for the full S-Works version, no other bike in this category is lighter or faster.

More trust, more space, simply more

Expand Your Horizons

With the Roubaix SL8, tackle long distances with greater comfort and speed. With clearance for tires up to 38c/40mm, this endurance road machine smooths out the roughest roads and isn't afraid of a little gravel, giving you the opportunity to explore new riding horizons.