The perfect MTB for every biker

Stumpjumper: The Trail Riding Revolution

The Specialized Stumpjumper represents the essence of modern trail riding. Designed for those seeking adrenaline and performance, this mountain bike offers a unique combination of speed, agility and robustness. Designed for enthusiasts who are not satisfied, the Stumpjumper is the ideal companion for those who want to find their flow on the most challenging trails.

Discover the Differences and Choose Your Adventure Partner

Stumpjumper and Stumpjumper EVO: Two Souls, One Passion

While the Stumpjumper was created to offer an all-round riding experience with 140mm front and 130mm rear suspension, the Stumpjumper EVO takes trail riding capability to a new level with 160mm front and 150mm rear suspension. This difference in suspension travel makes the EVO ideal for the most technical and demanding trails. Both, however, retain the DNA of the Epic EVO, guaranteeing speed and reactivity in every situation.

Frame Customization and RX Tune for a Unique Bike

customize it and Create Your Perfect Sj

Specialized knows how important it is to have a bike that reflects your needs. For this reason, it offers the possibility of customizing the Stumpjumper chassis, guaranteeing a tailor-made driving experience. With the innovative RX Tune, you can optimize suspension performance based on your driving style, ensuring an always precise and reliable response.

Cutting-edge technical features for unrivaled performance

Stumpjumper: Where Technology Meets Passion

In addition to the aforementioned features, the Stumpjumper boasts a series of innovations that make it one of a kind. From the aerodynamic design to the choice of materials, every detail has been studied to offer the maximum in terms of efficiency and durability. Numbers and technical data speak clearly: this is a bike ready to challenge every limit, always guaranteeing maximum performance.