One Bike to Rule Them All

The New Tarmac SL8

No bike is as fast as the Tarmac SL8 thanks to a combination of aerodynamics, light weight and ride quality previously thought impossible.

Unparalleled Speed: Aerodynamics, Lightness and Ride Quality of the Tarmac SL8

Aerodynamics + Lightness + Ride Quality = SPEED

The Tarmac SL8 is the perfect equation for speed: aerodynamics
superior, which even surpasses the Venge, unprecedented lightness
with a frame of just 685g (15% lighter than the SL7,
saving 110g on the frame alone), and superior ride quality with
comfort in the saddle increased by 6%. This combination leads to a
saving 16.6 seconds over 40km compared to the SL7, making it the bike
fastest racing car in the world.

Surpassing Venge, Aethos and SL7 for Speed ​​and Efficiency

Tarmac SL8: A Leap Forward in Aerodynamics and Lightness

The Tarmac SL8 is an engineering masterpiece that surpasses both the Venge and the Aethos in terms of aerodynamics and lightness. Compared to the Venge, the SL8 is more aerodynamic, thanks to an optimized front design and a thinner seatpost. Compared to the Aethos, the SL8 is lighter, with a frame that weighs just 685 grams, saving 110 grams on the frame alone, 250g on the frame + seatpost + cockpit kit. This combination of aerodynamics and lightness translates into a saving of 16.6 seconds on 40 km of flat terrain, 128 seconds on the Milan-Sanremo, and 20 seconds on the Tourmalet climb compared to the previous SL7.

Advanced Simulations and Challenges to Conventions to Create the Fastest Bike

Engineering and Innovation: The Art of Speed

The Tarmac SL8 represents a significant leap forward in racing bike technology and innovation. Specialized has combined the lessons learned from the SL7 and Aethos to create a bike that pushes the limits of speed, lightness and comfort. Using advanced software called “write analytics,” the Specialized team simulated races to determine the optimal design that would make their athletes faster. This innovative process challenged the conventions of the bicycle industry and resulted in the creation of the fastest bicycle Specialized has ever produced.