Spring Trail Awakening

Spring Trail Awakening

Celebrate the awakening of spring and ignite your passion for adventure with our exclusive "Spring Trail Awakening" collection. In this season of renewal, we offer you the unique opportunity to explore new trails with a new travel companion: choose from the most desired Specialized trail bike models, including the iconic Stumpjumper and Stumpjumper EVO, as well as the unrivaled Enduro. Each bike is designed to elevate your experience on any trail, combining cutting-edge technology, comfort and unprecedented performance.

For the entire month of April, take advantage of our exclusive promotion with discounts of up to 50% .
It's the perfect time to equip yourself with a new trail bike that redefines the standards of your off-road riding.
Don't miss the opportunity, the "Spring Trail Awakening" collection awaits you: choose your new Specialized trail bike and let yourself be guided by the instinct of the trail rider within you.

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