A new chapter in cycling endurance

Pinarello X: The Harmony between Performance and Comfort

The Pinarello X sets a new standard in the world of endurance road bikes. Designed to offer the perfect balance between high performance and extreme comfort, this bike is ideal for cyclists looking for a reliable companion for long distances. With specific materials and dedicated geometries, the Pinarello X is ready to transform every trip into an unforgettable experience.

A distinctive design for a superior ride

Forcella Onda: Innovation and Control

The Pinarello X Onda fork is not only a design icon, but also a pillar of technological innovation. Designed to absorb vibrations and improve control, this fork guarantees a smooth and responsive ride, allowing cyclists to tackle any type of road with confidence.

A riding position optimized for endurance

Endurance+ Geometry: Comfort for Every Distance

The Endurance+ geometry of the Pinarello X was designed to maximize comfort over long distances. With a taller stack and more compact reach, this bike promotes a relaxed yet performance riding position, fitting perfectly for all types of riders.

Ready for any adventure

Versatility and Wide Choice of Tires

The Pinarello X offers unprecedented versatility thanks to the possibility of mounting tires up to 35mm. This feature allows cyclists to explore new terrain and experience superior comfort and speed, both on the road and on more challenging routes.

Balance and lightness for optimal performance

Asymmetric Frame and High Quality Materials

The Pinarello X's asymmetric frame is a true work of engineering art. Designed to balance pedaling forces, it offers a stable and responsive ride. Made with high-quality materials such as T900 UD carbon, this frame combines lightness and strength, making the Pinarello X an excellent choice for the most demanding cyclists.