Revolution in Cross Country: Epic 8 and Epic 8 EVO

Discover the evolution of speed with the new Specialized mountain bikes

The new Specialized Epic 8 and Epic 8 EVO represent the future of cross country and trail riding. With a design that challenges the limits of technology, these bikes combine extraordinary speed with unprecedented capacity and efficiency. The Epic 8, with its lightness and optimized geometry, is ready to dominate XC races, while the Epic 8 EVO, with greater travel and adaptability, promises epic adventures on the most demanding trails.

Epic 8: The Pinnacle of XC Performance

Speed, efficiency and lightness redefined

The new Specialized Epic 8 isn't just a bike, it's an innovation that redefines cross country performance. With 76 grams less than its predecessor and a geometry that enhances biomechanical efficiency, the Epic 8 reduces bobbing by 20% and absorbs 12% more shock and vibration. Its optimized suspension and advanced aerodynamic design ensure a fast and responsive ride, making it the fastest XC bike Specialized has ever made.

Epic 8 EVO: Versatility and Performance on the Trail

Expanded excursion for unlimited adventures

The Epic 8 EVO pushes the boundaries of what's possible, offering a trail bike that perfectly combines capability and speed. With 120mm of travel, versatile suspension settings and confidence-inspiring geometry, the EVO is ready to conquer any terrain. Its pedaling efficiency and ability to absorb the most demanding impacts make it ideal for riders looking for a high-performance yet comfortable bike for long distances and technical terrain.

Which Epic is right for you? A Guide to Choosing

Find your ideal companion for XC races or fast trail rides

Choosing between the Epic World Cup, Epic and Epic EVO depends on your riding style and your needs on the course. The Epic WC is for racers looking for maximum speed and race performance with a super light and responsive bike. The Epic is the perfect balance of speed and capacity, the most versatile choice for racing athletes, ideal for most XC race courses. The Epic EVO, with more travel and a more relaxed geometry, is perfect for riders who want a versatile yet light and efficient bike for tackling technical descents and long days in the saddle.

Epic 8: An Evolutionary Leap in Cross Country

Find out how the Epic 8 is redefining the future of MTB

The Epic 8 represents the pinnacle of evolution in mountain bike design, combining years of research and development with the latest technological innovations. This bike not only sets new standards for speed and efficiency but also ushers in a new era of customization, allowing riders to perfectly tailor their bike to their preferences and racing terrain. With the Epic 8, Specialized offers not just a bike, but a riding experience that completely transforms the concept of cross country and trail riding.